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Download the bits and get started

Not sure which to get? Just grab the .NET Framework 4.0 build!

Current Release (Version 3.2)

Ninject is deliverd at Nuget

Source Code

Ninject's source is hosted on GitHub. If you have an idea for a patch, or you just want to tinker with the code, the easiest way to do so is to create your own fork on GitHub.

Not used to the sheer awesomeness of Git? Here are some links to get you started:

If you don't want to bother with Git, you can also grab a zip archive or tarball of the latest check-in.

Older Version (Version 3.0)

Older Version (Version 2.2)

Older Version (version 2.0)

Ninject runs on a lot of different versions of the .NET framework. Pick the one that matches your project.

Older Version (version 1.5)

Support for versions of the .NET Framework prior to 3.5 was discontinued in Ninject 2.0. If you need backwards compatibility, you can still use Ninject 1.5. However, this version is only receiving critical bug fixes, and all new development is being done on the Ninject 2.0 codebase. Please only use this if you need to!