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Contribute to the project

Ninject is and will always be free and open source.

For Developers

Open source software lives and dies with the community surrounding it. As developers, open source makes our jobs easier, and supporting it doesn't necessarily mean you have to get your wallet out!

There are lots of way to help:

  • Submit patches for new features or integrations with other projects
  • Help edit the documentation
  • Write a tutorial or record a screencast about how to use Ninject
  • Answer questions on the user group
  • Contribute bug reports or ideas for improvements

Easiest of all, you can spread the word about Ninject! Write about it on your blog, or Twitter. Tell your friends and co-workers, or offer to speak about dependency injection at a conference or your local user group.

Current Contributors

For Businesses

Open source isn't just about freedom! Commercial businesses can leverage open source software to become more efficient and avoid re-inventing the wheel. Ninject is available under a business-friendly license, meaning you can integrate it into commercial products without ever paying a dime.

If your business uses Ninject, there are plenty of ways you can give back to the project:

  • Make a monetary donation, or buy commercial support
  • Blog about your success with Ninject on your corporate blog
  • Write a whitepaper about the advantage Ninject provided your business